Tiny House Myths

There are many critiques of the tiny house movement. Many people believe it is just a hippie fad that will eventually fade away. Even worse, some people believe that the tiny house lifestyle is a scam, and not as efficient as some of us make it seem. Now I am a Sagittarius and love to debate, so I love when people have differing opinions to me. I mean it keeps life exciting. So, I do not mind that people disagree or do not see the same benefits I do for tiny house living. I do however, have a problem with people critiquing the tiny house movement and lifestyle, when they themselves have NEVER lived tiny! This is a problem. Not because they do not agree with the lifestyle, but because anyone doing their due diligence and looking for honest cons of tiny house living, will only come upon these scam scare tactics. That’s right they are scams! 

I will be the first to tell you that tiny house living isn’t perfect. It for sure has its own share of problems that you have to have the mindset for honestly, but few of those problems are addressed in these scam articles. In this article, I wanted to address some of these “problems” I’ve seen and provide a more realistic view of tiny house living, from someone that ACTUALLY lives tiny.

Myth 1: You can’t have everything in a tiny house

tiny house kitchen with farmhouse sink and full sized appliances
My kitchen with Full-sized appliances

I saw this in one of the articles I read. While it is definitely true you will have to downsize, the idea that you have to give up basic human luxuries is just asinine. Some people prefer mini fridges and opt-out of having a full stove and oven, but it is 100% possible to have all the modern amenities of a traditional home just in a small space. For my tiny house, I spared no expenses. I have full or apartment sized appliances, a full bed in my loft (that was once a queen sized bed with extra room) and PLENTY of storage for smaller appliances and gizmos. If designed with your lifestyle in mind, a tiny house can literally be built to cater to YOUR life. Just because you haven’t seen it done in a tiny house previously, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I had never seen someone with a bookshelf the size of mine, but that didn’t stop me from getting one.

Myth 2: Tiny house living is now only for the rich elite

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

So while I haven’t seen this in an article specifically, I have seen this train of thought in MANY facebook groups and on YouTube videos. And honestly, I can totally see why people think that. Now that more affluent people have flocked to the tiny house movement, all the luxury tiny house videos you see, feature houses that cost well over 100K. Even mine is seen as luxurious, and I only paid 75k. BUT and this is a big but, it is still 100% possible to build a tiny house for less than 60k. You DO NOT have to spend 100k + for a good tiny house. You can totally build an affordable tiny house, by buying a shell from a builder, and finishing the interior on your own. With the plethora of YouTube videos and blog sites on building, even without prior experience you can finish the interior of your home. Buying a tiny house secondhand, is also another great way to save money on your tiny house build. If you want to have someone build 100% of your home, then yeah you will have to pay more but that’s just how businesses work. The higher the demand the higher the prices.

Myth 3: You will have no privacy

Okay I’m going to be completley honest, I really don’t understand this problem. Both of my parents are immigrants, so the idea of privacy is completley foreign to me ( I wish I was exaggerating but I really have no concept of it. Especially when it comes to family but I digress). The idea though that you have to give up your privacy though is just ludacris. You can still have privacy in a tiny home, even if you are living with someone else (unless that someone else is a toddler. Just give up on that at this point). You can have a tiny house with two lofts, an outdoor area, and also there are still doors! There are so many solutions to this problem, I still can’t believe people bring it up! One could even just put some headphones in and tell your significant other that you want some peaceful serene time and to just leave you alone. When my ex was living in my home with me, he would go up to the spare loft, sit in his gaming chair, and put on headphones when he needed privacy. He would let me know, and I would leave him alone so that he had that sense of privacy. In the beginning I will admit that it was hard adjusting to such a small space but once we developed a system it was pretty easy.

Myth 4: You can’t have kids and live tiny

black woman holding baby standing in front of house

This one keeps a lot of people from going tiny. They really believe that it is impossible to go tiny with kids, and this just isn’t true. It is not only completely possible, but also super fun and rewarding for both the parents and the kids. Kids do not need much indoor space. In all honesty, they don’t want to be inside. Kids have much more fun outdoors and should spend most of their time outdoors anyways. As long as you get the right size for your family, living tiny with kids would be fine. Don’t try to cram 3 kids and 2 adults into a 20 ft. tiny house. THAT would be difficult. Plan your build or project around space for kids and it will be fine

*FULL DISCLAIMER: This myth is not intended for parents with teenagers. Teenagers + parents + tiny house = a horrible idea that I would NOT recommend. NO ONE will enjoy it. If you want to live tiny and you have teenagers, have them build their own tiny house add ons. Not only will they learn valuable life skills, they will have their OWN space to grow as a person.

These are just a few tiny house ‘problems’ I have seen and will add more about others at a later time! Is there any tiny house concerns you have that you can’t find the answer too? Feel free to comment below or DM me on Instagram.

Live, Laugh, Love