Tiny house toilets: Why I switched from composting to flush

One of my main goals, is to live both sustainably, and as off-grid as possible. Going tiny was more than just about saving money for me, I also wanted to drastically reduce my carbon footprint. When I was researching toilet options, the composting toilet seemed like the best option for the vision of how I wanted to live; therefore, without hesitation I told my builder that “I want a composting toilet!”. I personally chose the Seperatte Villa, because I did not want to deal with too much work. I did not want to have to buy any extra things like shavings or anything, and I didn’t want to have to crank nothing! To be honest, I was afraid I’d mess something up so I wanted it to be easy peasy lemon squeezy, and the Separette toilet is just that!

For two years, I had a compost toilet and LOVED it! I loved that I didn’t waste water, and I loved that I didn’t have to rely on electricity or water for my toilet. Unfortunately though, I was not composting my waste. In the beginning I didn’t know how (I mean I still really don’t), and now I just don’t have the time to learn. So I wasn’t really helping the environment too much by throwing it away and that really did make me feel awful. But worst than that y’all, was the flies.

Before I rented my home out to others, I did not have a fly problem often. It is a urine diverting toilet, and it has a little fan in it that is supposed to deter flies even more. I don’t know what happened, but after I moved back in (I was only out for about 5 months), the flies just wouldn’t stop coming. At one point, I had to empty the toilet on a weekly basis to keep them from finding it. Compared to the once every 4 or 6 weeks you’re ACTUALLY supposed to change it. 

The last straw, was when I had flies for an entire month (like I would kill 20+ flies a day and STILL have many more flying around), and was changing out the toilet on a DAILY basis. At that point, there was nothing environmentally friendly about it. So, since I am 99.9% sure that I will be staying in my current spot for AT LEAST another 3 years, it was time to switch out the toilet for a flush one. I opted for the dual-flush efficiency toilet and I am in love with it. 

Luckily for me, my builders had the foresight to plumb the tiny house for a conventional flush toilet underneath the composting toilet. This made this possible and relatively easy to install.

That’s one thing I really love about tiny house living. As my life changes and adapt, I am amble to adapt the tiny house to suit our needs.

Moral of the story, life changes and your tiny house can and will change with you. Also, even if you are 100% sure you want a composting toilet, still plumb for conventional flush!

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