Tiny house reality: A morning in our tiny house

Tiny house living can look so amazing on the internet. No really, all the glorious clean pictures, the adventures, the laughing families it looks amazing! And it really is, I absolutely love my home. But in reality y’all my day to day is pretty mundane. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below of a morning in our home. People often tell me how amazing my life looks and how much they wish they could live in a tiny house. So I wanted to show a glimpse of the reality. Our mornings are typically spent with me cooking and cleaning, and Nalini, well Nalini doing whatever Nalini wants. Do I love my life? Absolutely, I wouldn’t change any of it. BUT not because its glorious or exciting. I love my life because I work hard to craft the one I love. I get rid of things that do not serve me, and I go searching for opportunities I desire. So please enjoy a glimpse into our morning routine.

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