Tiny house living with kids

It’s NOT a normal life. Living in a house under 300 sq. ft. with an adventurous toddler and a derpy dog. But its MY life, my dream life! When I designed my tiny house, I figured I’d have at least 5 years in it before having to share it with another person and kids! But life has a way of changing ALL my plans and after living in the tiny house for a year, I brought home my beautiful baby girl. Now, since my relationship failed, I only lived with her in the house for a month before I packed up all my belongings and moved us back into my childhood home. So I have no experience with the infant stage and tiny house living. We moved back in when she was about 10 months and have been here making it work ever since!

Is it challenging sometimes? Of course it is! She can reach everything and frequently cleans out my cabinets so she can sit in them. She likes to throw her toys in the washer/dryer combo and pull candles and whatnots off the bookshelf. The whole house is her playroom, and NOTHING is off limits as a toy. Does this sound familiar? It should! Living tiny with a kid is no different then living in a 2,000 sq. ft. house with one! People who don’t live this lifestyle SWEAR it’s different or that I’m depriving my daughter somehow. I promise we’re all good here! Living tiny with kids just means that we get to spend more time outdoors than indoors (though with this FL heat its hard to stay out there too long). It just means my house isn’t overloaded with millions of useless toys when all she really wants to do is bang our pots together. It just means I don’t have to slave away at a full-time job, taking away valuable time from my daughter because I’m spending thousands of dollars on a massive house everyone else tells me I should have. If living tiny appeals to you than go for it! Is it all peaches and roses all the time? Of course not, and it’s a massive lifestyle change from a “normal” sized house. But it’s 100% doable, 100% crazy and 100% worth it! Don’t let people who have never lived this life give YOU advice on whether or not you should! You wouldn’t ask people for parenting advice if they’ve never had a child, don’t take tiny house advice from people who haven’t lived in a tiny house.

Sending you all the love and tiny living vibes Xoxo,

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